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We show the following Matches scheduled as of Monday, March 4th, 2024 at 7:48pm PST). Note that this list IS subject to change as additional Matches are received by QuadCo from requesting Organizations.

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608533/5/20246:30 pmRAC #1Rogues vs Olympus KnightsRef:Accept
608543/5/20248:05 pmRAC #1Road Warriors vs MaraudersRef:Accept
610233/9/20244:30 pmCapital HS #1 NorthBlackhills FC G15 Black A vs XF G16 RCL ...Ref:Open Mtr:Open
610243/9/20244:30 pmCapital HS #1 SouthBlackhills FC B14 Red B vs Eastside F.C....Ref:Accept Mtr:Open
610253/9/20244:30 pmIngersoll StadiumBlackhills FC B13 Black A vs Harbor Prem...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept Mtr:Open
610183/9/202411:30 amIngersoll StadiumBlackhills FC G13 Red B vs Sound FC G13BRef:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept Mtr:Open
610193/9/20241:00 pmCapital HS #1 - TurfBlackhills FC G13 Black A vs Valor Socce...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept Mtr:Open
610143/9/202410:00 amCapital SF #3Blackhills FC B12 Red B vs Kitsap Allian...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept Mtr:Accept
610173/9/202411:30 amCapital SF #3Blackhills FC B12 Black A vs Seattle Uni...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept Mtr:Open
610203/9/20241:00 pmIngersoll StadiumBlackhills FC G12 Black A vs Northwest U...Ref:Accept AR1:Accept AR2:Accept Mtr:Open
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